The Security2000 OSIM Security Program

The Security2000 OSIM Security Program gives ICIDS stakeholders the first ever opportunity to integrate contemporary third party access control and video surveillance platforms into a single   state-of-the-art security management software interface that meets or exceeds all ICIDS 3 and 4 specifications. The OSIM Security Program is offered exclusively by Security2000 and supported by DAQ Electronics, LLC.  To accomplish this, Security2000 starts by working directly with   the end user to understand and develop an integration scope. We can then assess the overall applicability of the OSIM Security Program. DAQ and other third party platforms are then engaged by Security2000 for an integration depth and compatibility analysis. Based upon the   integration scope developed by Security2000 and the end user, the overall applicability of the OSIM Security Program, and the integration depth and compatibility analysis, Security2000 and DAQ will then work in tandem to prepare an integration strategy.

As a former subsidiary company to DAQ Electronics, Security2000 is in a unique and compelling position to lend our DAQ product history and expertise to the ICIDS community. Moreover, our industry relationships with other manufacturers such as Lenel, Software House, Honeywell, Pelco, Bosch, and Vicon serve as excellent foundations to facilitate system integrations customized to the exact needs of our clients. There are no other ICIDS certified companies that offer a customized integration program as comprehensive as the Security2000 OSIM Security Program.


OSIM Brochure_S2K-OSIM (pdf)